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Greetings from finland

New finnish Sandemo websites open now. The site isn't quite finished yet, i'm planning to attach descriptions and some pictures of the books, and there is a forum in the works too. If I have enough patience, I might translate them in english as well.

As far as I know, this is the only Sandemo-site in finnish. Our little Sandemo society is trying to convince Boknöje ab to translate the rest of Sandemo's works to finnish. So far the only translated series' are häxmastaren, isfolket and sandemo-serie. And you all know how häxmasteren-series ends. We are currently collecting names with a petition.
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Hej! Jag är Sailor Gotland, eller Gottis. Jag är ny här, men jag har dyrkat Sagan om Isfolket i över 12 år nu, då jag upptäckte serien när jag var 13 år. Eller, jag skulle fylla tretton i december, och jag fick tag i de tre första böckerna under våren det året. Jag är 26 år nu, och kan nästan innehållet i alla böckerna utantill. :)
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Er det noen som har lest den nyeste serien til Margit Sandemo, Blålys?

Jeg fikk ikke med meg den første boka da den kom, og lurer på om den er verdt pengene. Sandemo skriver jo underholdende, men for å være helt ærlig synes jeg hun er best på historiske romaner. Nåtidsromanene hennes blir ofte litt naive for meg.
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This really made my day :D

I got email:

"Hi Sacri

I found you at nifs homepage and guestbook.

I understood your question about international language so therefore I like to inform you about this in English since I’ve wrote it in Norwegian at the guestbook.

This mail is about an Norwegian Power-Metal band called Midnight Train. These day we are promoting our new CD with the tittle “Ice people Callin” from Margit Sandemo’s Sagaen om Isfolket.

Midnight Train is the only band in the world with directly permission from Margit Sandemo her self to write and promote a song from these books. We also have the first and the only song in the world written about Sagaen om Isfolket.

When Margit was 80 years she got the first nr.1 CD delivered to her doorstep from us as a gift, and she just loved the song.

The frontpage of the CD got a picture of Sol Angelica av Isfolket so this is defiantly the ultimate exebition for Ice-people fans

There are also 9 songs more in the category of power-metal, Rock,ballads etc…

We like to give you the possibility to be an owner of this CD and may be you can play it for others who like Power-Rock to and give them a chance to buy it .

In Norway the price is 179,- NOK + post/eks.

You will have the same price but the post will probably cost a little more so if you have someone else who wants this we could have them all sent in one package. Then each one will cost lesser.

I hope you will like this offer and let us hear from you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Arne Opsal Hop"
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