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Isfolket in English

Hi! I'm Kristina, from Norway, and I've been a fan of these books for some years now. Can't believe I didn't find this community earlier, but I did now and I just joined. :)

Anyways, my real reason for posting here is to ask about the translations of the Isfolket-books? I know they were finally going to translate them into English, but I haven't heard/found anything about it since April last year. Does anyone know anything more about this? I have so many English/American friends I really want to introduce to the series, but I can't find any information about when they plan to publicize the first book. :S

And I wrote in English so that everyone in this community could help me if they know anything. :P


  • (no subject)

    Hej alla! Isfolket är på teater i Valdres där Sandemo bodde. Jag har hört att den är jättekul. På Facebook.

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